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Why Should You Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

No one — not even people who work in dangerous, demanding occupations such as roofing, construction and health care — expects to suffer a serious injury on the job. If you have been hurt while performing your work duties, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but not know how to go about claiming them. Unfortunately, many valid claims are denied and payments seriously delayed for reasons injured workers do not understand.

A good way to protect your rights is to contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer as soon after your accident as possible.

At Park & Park, we are committed to helping you secure your workers’ compensation benefits so that your focus remains on recovering from your injuries. We will make the process of pursuing your benefits as simple for you as possible.

The Benefits Of Having An Attorney On Your Side

First and foremost, you will not be charged any upfront legal fees when you consult with us. We collect a fee only if we succeed with your claim, and those fees are set by law.

Other considerations include:

  • It is best to have clear, informed legal advice when filing your claim and before speaking with an insurance representative.
  • Legal representation may be especially important when requesting a hearing if your claim is denied or delayed.

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