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Handling Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you have had your workers’ compensation claim denied or your benefits have been discontinued before you are able to return to work, please do not give up. Unfortunately, these are common problems faced by many seriously injured workers.

We Are Ready To Help You Get Your Claim Approved. Don’t Hesitate To Call

Over the years, we have successfully represented many injured workers whose claims have been denied by pursuing a hearing and/or an appeal before the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

If you were injured performing work duties but have been told you are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits — or if you have run into other problems with your claim — let us have the opportunity to review your claim.

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At Park & Park, we understand how intimidating the workers’ compensation process can be. We know the stress and worry you are likely feeling if your claim has been denied. For a free consultation with a Fairfax-area attorney handling denied workers’ compensation claims, contact us. You will not pay anything upfront for your case evaluation, and our firm will collect a fee set by law only if you succeed in obtaining benefits.