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Animals Have The Ability To Cause Harm

If someone else’s animal caused your injury, you may have the legal right to seek compensation from the animal’s owner. Animal attacks and dog attacks and bites cause injuries for thousands of Americans on an annual basis. Whether the animal was roaming free or escaped its leash, it is the duty of the owner to maintain control of it. When they lose that control and you suffer the consequences, you should hold them accountable for their fault. Consult our aggressive attorney to help identify your legal options today.

At Park & Park, we have secured compensation and benefits for our clients for more than two decades. We shoulder the burden of the legalities associated with your case. You can rely on our attentive legal counsel and aggressive advocacy to negotiate with insurance companies and third parties who are at fault in your case.

Animal Attacks And Dog Bites Cause Serious Injuries

When an animal attacks, we cannot determine why it chooses to cause harm, but we can explore how to hold the owner responsible. An animal can attack anyone and cause an injury, but children are particularly susceptible to disfiguring attacks and facial injuries. If we are able to secure it, the compensatory benefits will help you pay for medical bills and ongoing treatment if necessary.

Virginia’s One Bite Rule

Virginia has a one-bite rule for dog attacks. The rule outlines that an owner is only liable for injuries if they were aware that the dog was dangerous or aggressive. You will have to prove the owner was aware and prove their liability. Our lawyer can guide you through the steps to determine fault.

We Negotiate Aggressively

We have provided aggressive legal advocacy for more than two decades. Park & Park has recovered the maximum compensation and benefits for our injured clients. We handle a variety of accident-related injuries, and while you focus on your recovery, we advocate on your behalf.

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