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Trusted Help After Tree Trimmers Services Accidents

Many homeowners, businesses and property managers hire out landscaping and tree care duties to companies and contractors. The employees and tree trimmers who work for these companies and contractors must not only make the tree look appealing, but also ensure that they are clear of homes and power lines. This can easily result in serious injuries.

After A Tree Trimming Or Landscaping Accident On The Job

At Park & Park, we are committed to advocating for tree trimmers and other landscapers in seeking workers’ compensation benefits after injuries on the job. We understand just how important workers’ compensation benefits are in covering medical bills and expenses, as well as time lost at work due to the injury. We will provide you with a clear understanding of where your case stands, as well as all available options.

For more information about representation after a tree trimming accident on the job, please call our law offices in Fairfax today at 703-658-8600.

Tree trimming and landscaping injuries often result from:

  • Issues with power lines and other electric wiring that trees have been caught in
  • Complications due to cleaning up limbs and branches following a storm
  • Branches falling on the worker or hitting the worker
  • Falling from significant heights while trimming trees
  • Issues with equipment, machinery and power tools

If someone other than the employer or an employee played a role in the accident, we will explain your options for a potential third-party liability claim.

For more information, call our offices today at 703-658-8600. You can also contact us online. Our lawyer can advise you of your options after a landscape injury or other workplace accident.