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Assisting Injured Restaurant Workers

Restaurants are fast-paced environments, relying on the hard work of servers, cooks, bussers, hostesses and managers to deliver excellent food and customer service. It is not uncommon for restaurant workers to be injured on the job, despite efforts by the restaurant and employees to adhere to safety standards.

Workers’ compensation is available for these employees if a restaurant injury or food service accident occurred.

Representing Servers, Kitchen Workers And Restaurant Workers After An Accident At Work

At Park & Park, we are experienced in representing restaurant workers in workers’ compensation benefits. We will investigate your injury and determine the benefits you may be entitled to under your workers’ compensation claim.

For more information about the workers’ compensation benefits available to restaurant workers, please contact our law offices in Fairfax today at 703-658-8600.

Accidents and injuries in restaurants can stem from a variety of causes, including:

  • Falls or slipping on slick surfaces and kitchen areas
  • Heavy lifting of trays, kitchen supplies and other restaurant items
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Hearing loss from consistent loud noise

To learn more and to discuss your injury, please contact a lawyer at our offices today at 703-658-8600.