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How serious are burn injuries?

Burns are an occupational hazard that many workers have to face. This is especially the case for those in the hospitality sector, such as chefs and wait staff. Burns can occur in various ways. For instance, a chef could be burned due to exposure to naked flames. A...

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Common injuries for professional chefs

Chefs feed the nation, which is a very important and rewarding role. However, it’s no secret that being a chef is hard work. Not only do chefs have to work in busy environments for long hours, but they are also exposed to some serious injury risks. What are some of...

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Is it dangerous to work on a ladder?

Regardless of your profession, it’s likely that you rely on a variety of tools to provide your employer with a top-notch performance. For example, you may spend a good portion of your day climbing up and down a ladder, such as if you work as a painter or roofer. If...

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