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Is it dangerous to work on a ladder?

Regardless of your profession, it’s likely that you rely on a variety of tools to provide your employer with a top-notch performance. For example, you may spend a good portion of your day climbing up and down a ladder, such as if you work as a painter or roofer. If...

Common causes of construction site injuries

Working in the construction industry can be extremely rewarding. It can also be extremely dangerous.Even if you and your company are doing everything possible to protect against accidents, it's still possible to suffer an injury at some point. Understanding the most...

What is the Federal Black Lung Program?

Many jobs have inherent dangers. We often hear about the risks that police officers, firefighters, loggers, fishermen and others face each day. But what about careers in which the dangers accumulate over time?Coal miners, too, face hazards daily -- cave ins, poison...