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Falling objects at work can cause brain injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Injuries |

There are certain professions that people associate with falling objects. Construction workers, for example, get struck by tools or even communication devices dropped from a higher altitude frequently. There are numerous tools and systems that exist specifically to protect workers from the danger of falling objects at work sites where people work at a significant elevation.

However, someone doesn’t have to have coworkers 15 stories above them to be at risk of a falling object. Those who stock shelves at a retail facility, get equipment out of storage at a medical practice or work in a warehouse could also very easily have boxes or equipment fall on their heads from above. Such injuries can lead to major workplace challenges.

Brain injuries cause all kinds of symptoms

Someone who suffers a blunt force trauma to the head after an incident at work might have symptoms including a persistent headache or a feeling of nausea. They might develop slurred speech or find themselves struggling with maintaining their equilibrium.

Brain injuries can affect someone’s motor function or change their personality. In some scenarios, people may end up in the hospital and may need to undergo surgery. Other times, they may require physical therapy or even life support because of their brain injury.

If someone gets hurt by falling objects, they may end up requiring workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their medical care and to help replace the wages that they because of their injuries. Knowing about workplace risks and the health issues they may produce can help people avoid or better respond to the most serious on-the-job injuries.