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How long will a broken leg stop you from doing your job?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers break bones frequently in incidents on the job in all kinds of work settings. You could fall from scaffolding or get struck by a forklift, leading to a fracture in your leg. Broken bones often require extensive medical intervention and rest for someone to recover. After immobilization of the affected body part, it is common for people to suffer reduced strength and flexibility when the bone finally heals. 

You may need to take time off of work while your bone heals and then while you regain strength and range of motion. How long will a broken leg keep you off off work?

Recovery times depend on the severity of the fracture

Broken bones heal differently in different situations. A simple, stable fracture may only require six to eight weeks of immobilization and reduced use for a worker to heal the bone and get their cast taken off. Compound or spiral fracture may require surgery and a substantially longer recovery period. 

A single break to the femur may be easier to heal than a fracture that affects both the tibia and fibula. Someone’s age and pre-existing medical conditions could also lengthen the amount of time it takes them to recover from a broken bone. After a cast comes off, workers may require additional support as they go through therapy to regain their strength or as they acclimate to the job again. 

Workers’ compensation benefits can protect those coping with a broken bone and needing time off of work to recover. Recognizing the need for benefits after a workplace injury can help you minimize the career and financial consequences of getting hurt on the job.