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Foodservice workers face these risks

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

People who work at restaurants deserve to work in a safe environment. Unfortunately, restaurants are notorious for trying to cut corners to save on costs, which might mean that these workers don’t have all the tools and safe procedures that they need to remain safe.

While the restaurant workers should do what they can to remain safe and help their co-workers do the same, the onus is on their employer to provide the safe environment. This means that they should have protocol in place to address these issues:

  • Sprains and strains: These can come from anything like slipping on a wet floor or trying to reach for an item that isn’t easy to reach.
  • Cuts and punctures: Working with sharp knives, kitchen equipment and similar items can lead to injuries. Broken glasses and dishes are also a risk for this.
  • Eye injuries: These can come from working with chemicals or liquids, including hot grease, splashing into the employee’s face.
  • Burns: Working around grills, fryers, hot water and steam may lead to burns. Around one-third of work-related burns happen in restaurants. Some of these require considerable medical care, but minor ones might only need first aid.

Many foodservice workers can face injuries that will take them off work for a while. Anyone who’s in this industry and faces an injury will probably need medical care. Workers’ compensation should cover the costs of that care, as well as partial wage replacement for workers who can’t return to work quickly after the accident. Working closely with an attorney can help you get the benefits that you’re due.