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Plumbers should know these dangers

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

When people think of plumbers, they think of individuals who have relatively safe jobs unless they’re working with the sewage systems. Some people might not realize that there are several dangers that these professional tradesmen face as they get their job duties done. Understanding these risks can help some plumbers to avoid falling victim to them.

Some plumbers work in older buildings, which puts them at risk of coming into contact with asbestos. The damage this does to the lungs isn’t readily evident. Instead, the symptoms creep up over time, and the resulting mesothelioma is a fatal condition. 

Eye and ear injuries are also common. Wearing eye goggles and hearing protection minimizes the risk of these happening. These are also injuries that can become progressively worse over time so being sure to pay close attention to the symptoms, such as pain the area or changes in the way you see or hear, can help you to get treatment right away when necessary.

Repetitive motion injuries are common. These are caused by cumulative trauma to the area while they are working. Because the symptoms appear over time, they are often ignored or thought of as normal. By the time they realize they need care, the plumbers often require considerable care or therapy. 

Injuries from tools are also possible. This is sometimes the result of misuse, but can also be due to defects with the tool or problems that stem from normal wear and tear on it. 

For plumbers who are injured while working, workers’ compensation coverage may help to pay the costs of medical care for those injuries. This is true for employees who work for an employer with workers’ compensation insurance, as well as self-employed individuals who have purchased a policy. When the insurer doesn’t provide the proper benefits, filing an appeal might be necessary.