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This is how some employers stop workers’ comp claims

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Denied Workers' Compensation Claims |

We hope you and your loved ones go through your entire life without ever suffering a workplace injury. Unfortunately, many of our neighbors here in the Fairfax region of Virginia have suffered such injuries. Although workers’ compensation exists to mitigate the financial damage associated with work injuries, it is not always easy to get the benefits you are due.

It is safe to assume that most employers faithfully comply with the regulations surrounding workers’ compensation. They would never block an injured employee from filing a claim. However, not all employers are as honest as you would hope and may actively try to block or discourage workers from filing claims.

In our legal practice, we have seen unscrupulous employers attempt to stop valid claims in the following ways.

  • Threatening injured workers with disciplinary or other adverse work-related actions
  • Taking any action that might delay employees from filing a valid claim
  • Threatening to fire or lay off workers for filing a claim
  • Giving injured employees false or misleading information that might hurt their odds of successfully filing for workers’ compensation

Our lawyers know that you need your job to survive and provide for your loved ones. Instead of choosing not to file a workers’ compensation claim because you fear termination, take your story to a lawyer for a thorough review.

In most cases, an attorney can help you file your claim successfully and may also be able to help if your superior is blocking your attempts to collect workers’ comp benefits. We invite you to continue reading the information available on our website if you would like to learn more.