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Injury risks that roofers face 

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Roofers ensure that both new builds and older homes remain watertight. Obviously, a lot of the work that roofers carry out involves operating from a height, which is dangerous. 

What are some of the biggest injury risks that roofers face? 

The fatal 4

Roofers fall under the bracket of construction workers, which is among the most dangerous occupations. Workers in construction are exposed to the “fatal four”- falls, struck-by accidents, caught-between accidents and electrocution. 

The most dangerous of these four hazards for roofers is falls from heights. Often, roofers work on multi-story buildings, meaning that a fall can be fatal. Safety equipment can combat this danger, as well as safety policies such as never working alone. Over 30% of fatal construction accidents involve someone falling from a height. 

Another danger that warrants consideration when thinking about roofers is electrocution incidents. Roofers have to be very careful that they do not interfere with overhead power lines. If they are working in an area where power lines are nearby, and there is a risk of ladders disturbing them, then the electricity should be switched off completely. 


Roofing work is largely weather-dependent. It is generally unsafe for roofers to work during heavy storms, snow, ice and other cold conditions. Nonetheless, during the summer, roofers also need to be careful of heat exposure. If a roofer works in high temperatures, with exposure to the sun, for long periods, then they may suffer heatstroke. It’s vital that roofers are given adequate rest breaks throughout the summer months. 

If you have been injured on the job, then you may be entitled to financial compensation. Workers’ compensation can cover your medical bills, injuries and some of your lost wages. Seeking legal guidance will help you learn more about the process.