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What should you do about a denied workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2024 | Denied Workers' Compensation Claims |

Not all workers’ compensation claims are successful. You may have a deserving case, but your claim may not be successful for various reasons. It could be due to incomplete or missing information, procedural or clerical errors or even missed deadlines.

While it can be worrisome, taking informed action can help address the denied claim and possibly have it overturned. Here is what you need to do.

Understand the reason for the denial

Review the denial letter carefully to understand why your claim was unsuccessful. Knowing the reasons behind the denial will help you understand the specific issue that needs to be addressed and ensure you take the necessary steps to overturn the decision.

Gather relevant evidence

Depending on the reasons for the denial, it’s prudent to gather supporting evidence to help your case. This could include your medical records, witness statements or relevant details of your workplace accident. Any other document that supports your case or argument can go a long way in appealing a denied claim.

Familiarize yourself with the appeals process

Learning more about how the appeals process works and the steps you need to take to kickstart the process can help you prepare your case. In a nutshell, the appeals process involves hearings where your claim will be reviewed by the presiding parties, who then decide whether to uphold or overturn the initial decision. That said, there are specific timelines and formal procedures involved at every stage of the appeals process.

Having qualified legal guidance before getting started with this process can help you build a formidable case, understand your rights and represent your interests. It can considerably help your appeal and improve the chances of getting the benefits you deserve.