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What is vocational rehabilitation?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Vocational rehabilitation in workers’ compensation cases is critical for employees who have suffered on-the-job injuries that make them unable to return to their previous roles. This resource helps injured workers return to the workforce.

Insurance companies may fund these services as part of workers’ compensation benefits, recognizing the importance of supporting workers’ recovery and reintegration into the labor market. The eligibility for vocational rehabilitation and the services’ specifics varies by policy.

Vocational rehabilitation process

The vocational rehabilitation process starts with assessing the injured worker’s abilities, restrictions and vocational interests. This evaluation is conducted by a vocational rehabilitation counselor, who then develops a tailored plan to address the worker’s specific needs. The plan might include vocational training, education or skill development programs to enhance the employee’s employability in a new field if returning to the original job isn’t feasible.

After the plan is made, implementation begins. This involves providing the services outlined in the rehabilitation plan. This may include enrollment in training courses, assistance with job applications and support in identifying suitable employment opportunities.

Benefits of vocational training

Vocational rehabilitation offers numerous benefits, including the potential for injured workers to gain new skills and enter different sectors, sometimes even at a higher wage than their previous employment. It underscores the value of investing in human capital and supports the principle that employment injuries shouldn’t preclude

Vocational rehab is only one portion of the workers’ compensation benefits an injured worker may receive. Seeking legal assistance may help these workers to receive everything they’re due. This is especially important for anyone who is grappling with a claims denial that needs to be rectified.