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3 injury risks for hotel housekeepers that often go overlooked

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Those who work in the hotel housekeeping industry know that their job exposes them to certain injury risks. For example, they understand that slipping and falling is a common hazard for professional cleaners.

When you know the dangers you may face, you have better odds of avoiding a work-related injury. Remember to account for the following unexpected injury risks and those you may already know about.

Sharp objects

You know broken glass can cause cuts and deep lacerations, so you probably handle it carefully. However, glass is not the only sharp object you may encounter in a hotel room. An accidental needle poke could expose you to illnesses like hepatitis and HIV.

Animal guests

Some people like to bring their dog or cat along on vacation or a road trip. Most pets are friendly, but some may attack when surprised or fearful, especially if you enter a room and the human occupant has stepped out. Animal bites can cause severe tissue damage and pose a risk of infection.

Aggressive individuals

Unfortunately, the nature of their work puts hotel housekeepers at risk of assault from an aggressive guest or visitor, especially when working alone. An attack or assault can cause immediate physical injuries, and many victims also suffer from psychological harm like anxiety and depression.

Under Virginia workers’ compensation law, employees who suffer a workplace “injury by accident” or occupational disease may recover financial compensation for their losses. Workers’ comp covers medical care and helps cover lost wages after an on-the-job injury.

Virginia has some of the nation’s most complicated workers’ compensation laws. Legal guidance may help you understand them better, thus strengthening your work injury claim.