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What happens when a work injury causes permanent symptoms?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Most employees in Virginia have the protection of workers’ compensation insurance if they get hurt in an incident on the job or develop a work-acquired medical condition. Employers have to carry coverage for all of their staff members, including new hires and part-time employees.

When a worker gets hurt on the clock or diagnosed with a medical condition directly related to their employment, they can file a benefits claim. Workers’ compensation will cover medical care costs and also help cover people’s lost wages with disability benefits.

Most workers undergo treatment and then eventually return to the job they have long performed. How does workers’ compensation protect you if you have permanent symptoms and can no longer do the same job anymore?

You can qualify for permanent partial disability benefits

The workers’ compensation program in Virginia does provide permanent disability coverage. If a worker is no longer able to maintain gainful employment at all, then they may qualify for permanent, total disability benefits.

However, many employees hurt on the job can do some work, just not the same work they once performed. Virginia workers can qualify for permanent partial disability benefits after a thorough Medical evaluation. They will receive a specific number of weeks’ worth of benefits based on the body part affected.

Additionally, workers can continue to receive some medical coverage even after they have returned to work and achieved maximum medical improvement for their condition. Workers’ compensation will pay for the ongoing maintenance of their symptoms and also for the treatment of any symptoms that flare up again later.

Workers with permanent losses often need professional help

The available benefits for a worker who has to change professions following an injury on the job could amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Insurance companies are often very aggressive about negotiating such claims and may try to convince the worker to accept a settlement below what they actually deserve.

Workers may need help handling negotiations, and they may also require help appealing unfavorable decisions and gathering the necessary evidence to prove their claim during an appeal. Educating yourself about the available benefits through Virginia’s workers’ compensation insurance system can help you defray the many expenses you will have after your injury.