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Your fingers and hands are vulnerable to injury at work

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

The safety of your fingers and hands may be at significant risk, depending on the kind of job you have. If you are a cook in a restaurant, you could sustain a deep cut while you are chopping food. Auto mechanics routinely use all kinds of tools, some of them very sharp. Workers in construction use saws, drills and other potentially dangerous machinery. 

You may be extremely meticulous about using safety precautions. Nevertheless, in a flash, you could get a puncture wound that could develop an infection, a serious cut or even accidentally amputate all or part of a finger. Something very heavy could suddenly fall on your hand and crush it.

Your whole hand could be stuck in a powerful machine. That type of injury could temporarily or even permanently affect your ability to work, drive and do other things that are a major part of your everyday life.

These scenarios are not the exception, In fact, “Hand injuries are common to many job functions in any number of industries.”

What can be done to keep your fingers and hands safe?

There are some effective steps that can be taken to enhance finger and hand protection at work:

  • Don’t try to complete your duties in a big hurry. Take the time you need to do things safely.
  • Gloves are very important. They need to be the correct size and the appropriate type for what you are doing.
  • Get adequate rest at night. Being overtired makes you less than 100% alert.

Be familiar with the safe operation of any tools or machines you use. Know about their emergency shutoffs and other elements that can shield your hands and how to access them quickly.

When your fingers or hands are hurt on the job

If you sustain a finger or hand injury, have it evaluated and treated by a medical professional immediately. You want it to begin to mend as fast as possible. If the injury is serious, you may be out of work for a while. Receiving workers’ compensation can help you to weather a long convalescence.