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Common hazards in a working kitchen

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

 Typically, chefs and other kitchen staff do not play a front-facing role. Customers get to enjoy food that has been prepared for them without seeing the hard work that went into creating the dish. 

Not only do cheffing and other kitchen roles require hard work, but the kitchen is also potentially a dangerous place to be. Outlined below are some of the more common safety risks that kitchen workers face

Slips, trips and falls

Different types of cooking oils are utilized in food preparation. While these products play a key role in preparing satisfactory meals, they have no place on the kitchen floor. Spillages are not uncommon in a kitchen environment, and even when they are cleaned up, the danger doesn’t disappear, as cleaning products are a fall hazard themselves. Not only is it vital to keep the kitchen floor clean, but these areas must be dried or signposted appropriately when cleaning has taken place. 

Not all kitchens are vast in terms of area, which means that floor spaces should be free of obstacles. Deliveries tend to come in boxes, so they should be stored appropriately rather than left in busy walkways. The potential for a fall in the kitchen is always present, and both employees and employers must be aware of this at all times. 

Faulty equipment

It goes without saying that kitchens are hot. Cookers, friers and electrical appliances all have the potential to burn an employee. Importantly, most of these can also be fire hazards. All equipment in commercial kitchens should be safety approved and maintained to the highest possible standards. Staff should never be faced with the unnecessary risk of having to use faulty equipment. 

Employees in the hospitality sector work extremely hard, and they should remain safe when doing so. If you have been injured in the workplace, be sure to check out your legal options in the state of Virginia.