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Can your employer deny workers’ compensation if you caused the injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you get injured on the job and you report it immediately, you can go get the medical help that you need. However, part of that report may also indicate that you caused the injury. Maybe you made a mistake while using a power tool and were left with an amputation injury, or maybe you were rushing and you slipped and fell. Regardless of exactly how you were hurt, the fault for that injury is your own.

The medical bills that you’re going to face may not be cheap. Your solution may be to seek workers’ comp benefits, which are extended to those who are injured on the job. That said, you may find yourself wondering if the fact that it was your fault that you got hurt means that your employer is then going to deny your claim.

You are still eligible for workers’ comp benefits

If your employer threatens to do this, please be aware that they are in violation of typical workers’ comp laws, which are set up under a no-fault system. In that sense, the system is fairly simple. If you were doing your job and you got injured, you are eligible for benefits since it is an issue that happened during your performance of your chosen occupation. It does not necessarily matter if it was your fault that you got injured.

Why is it set up this way? The benefit to your employer is that they won’t have to face a lawsuit. They don’t have to try to worry about determining fault in court. It simply doesn’t matter, and the benefits are paid to all workers who are hurt on the job.

If things do get complicated or if your claim gets denied for a reason that you think violates your rights, make sure you know exactly what legal steps to take