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What types of injury risks do you face as an electrician?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Most people realize that any job comes with some inherent dangers of injury. You also likely understand that some jobs are more dangerous than others.

Some jobs are likely to leave workers with temporary injuries that they recover from in little time. In contrast, others may leave behind lasting or permanent disabling impairments that workers may never fully overcome or that may kill them. Electricians may have their lives impacted by either type of incident.

Injuries that individuals often associate with electricians

When you think of an electrician and injuries that they may suffer on the job, you likely envision injuries such as:

  • Electrical burns: A burn that results from an electric shock that can impact the uppermost portion of your skin or underlying tissues and nerves.
  • Electrocution: The occurrence of this type of event results from an electric shock. Even the smallest current can prove deadly.
  • Electrical shock: This often results from an electric charge circulating through a person’s body.

Individuals often experience labored breathing, significant, visible burns, heartbeat irregularities, seizures, muscle pain, confusion and loss of consciousness after suffering an electrical shock. It’s not uncommon for an electrical shock to be fatal.

Electricians’ injury risks vary depending on where they work

Electricians can work in various settings, such as indoors in people’s homes or places of business or outside, on construction sites.

There are a few common tasks an electrician may have to do, no matter the setting. This may include climbing a ladder and working in tight spaces or around toxic substances. Each of these factors poses its own unique risk of injury or illness.

Different risks make for a combustible mix for electricians, such as inclement weather and outdoor electrical work. There is also the risk of exposure to others, entrapment in confined spaces or violence that electricians who work inside my face.

Like most Virginia workers, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, depending on your employment status and how your injuries occurred. You’ll want to apprise yourself of your right to these benefits and claim them quickly if you’re eligible for them.