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These 4 careers really ask a lot from your back

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Back injuries are a common reason people file workers’ compensation claims in Fairfax and other Virginia communities. As such, we talk about back injuries frequently in our blog. 

This time, we wanted to tell our readers about the many jobs and industries in our region that could put your back health in jeopardy. When you have information about the injury risks inherent to your occupation, you have a better chance of avoiding back injuries altogether. 

4 jobs that could seriously injure your back

Nearly any job can take a toll on your back, especially if you must lift and move large or heavy objects. However, some careers are more dangerous to back health than others. Examples include:

  • Nursing. These critical workers endure long hours on their feet and must often move or adjust heavy patients. Back pain and damage usually go hand-in-hand with nursing careers.
  • Law enforcement. Police officers must often sit for long periods while driving. Most of them also choose to wear heavy protective equipment each workday. Injuries in one or more areas of the back are common in Virginia police officers.
  • Warehousing. Warehouse workers frequently engage in activities like bending, lifting and carrying, which unfortunately puts a strain on the back and spine.  Work-related back injuries and damage occur in many warehouse workers.
  • Trucking. Truck drivers must sit in one position for many hours each workday, followed by a surge of physical activity. As such, many truck drivers suffer from severe back injuries on the job.

Back injuries are notoriously hard to prove in many workers’ compensation claims. Learning more about workers’ comp laws and regulations in Virginia can help you get the benefits you deserve after your injury.