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Do some construction jobs leave you more vulnerable to getting hurt than others?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you look at a list of some of the most dangerous jobs, you’ll likely see construction at the top of it. There are various dangers people face when working in this field, whether from heavy equipment operation or power tools.

While construction, in general, can be dangerous, there are specific jobs in this field that are apt to leave a worker injured or dead more than others. It’s important to understand what those dangers construction jobs are so that you can take measures to minimize your injury risk.

Pipefitters and duct workers

Anyone regularly performing pipe fitting and ductwork must often work in dark, tight and confined spaces with poor ventilation. It’s not uncommon for these workers to suffocate due to poor ventilation or suffer a struck-by injury that makes it challenging if not impossible to get out to secure help.

Heavy equipment operators

It takes significant skill to master safely operating heavy equipment such as forklifts, excavators and bulldozers. Workers often suffer injuries because their employers fail to provide adequate training to teach them how to the equipment, because equipment malfunctions or for other reasons.

High-rise workers

Falls are prevalent in the construction industry. They account for 40% of workers’ deaths. Contractors who work on high rises are particularly vulnerable to suffering injuries when heavy construction equipment such as cranes comes flying in their direction. It’s not uncommon for tools to strike a construction worker in the head if a colleague loses their grip.

Demolition workers

Demolition workers face many dangers, including having the structures collapse on them as they’re attempting to tear them down. Building materials may also become dislodged, turning into projectiles. A demolition worker may run the risk of electrocution should someone neglect to shut off the power to the lines beforehand.

You have options if you suffer injuries

Injuries happen at construction sites every day. While some are relatively minor, many are often catastrophic. Most Virginia employers must have workers’ compensation and other insurance that covers employees who get hurt. An attorney will want to know more about your job and the onset of your injury before advising you of your rights in your case.