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Dress to stay safe if working in a restaurant kitchen

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Restaurant kitchens can get incredibly hot. You might be tempted to roll up your sleeves and wear shorts or sandals to relieve the heat. However, this could leave you more exposed to a workplace injury.

Here are some of the things you should wear when working in a restaurant kitchen:

Chef’s whites: These are made of thick cotton and worn by kitchen workers across the world for several reasons:

  • They aid hygiene by keeping your outdoor clothes out of the kitchen.
  • They help keep you from ruining your clothes.
  • They protect you when hot oil spits out of the pan.
  • They provide some protection against spilled liquids.

Shoes: Many chefs wear clogs made of liquid-resistant material. They can protect your feet if someone spills boiling liquids. They also have a non-slip sole, which can prevent you from a slip and fall accident. They are also very comfortable, which can reduce sore feet or tiredness. If you are tired in a kitchen, you are more likely to make an error that could injure you or a colleague.

Hats or hair nets: Their primary purpose is to stop stray hairs from landing in customers’ food. However, they also help keep your long hair out of the way. If your hair is loose and gets caught in the moving parts of a kitchen machine, you could be injured.

Despite wearing the appropriate safety clothing, most chefs and others who work in restaurant kitchens occasionally get minor burns, scalds and cuts. However, kitchen accidents can cause severe injury, resulting in considerable medical expenses and time off work. Your employer should have workers’ compensation insurance to cover you, but you may need an attorney’s help to ensure the insurance company pays out.