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Tanker truckers face specific hazards

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Truckers who haul tankers have to be especially careful when they’re doing their job duties because they can face some risks that other truckers don’t have to worry about. These aren’t only things that happen during the haul, but also include risks that occur when they’re dealing with the tanker itself.

While they’re on the road, they have to worry about how the terrain and their actions might make the liquid in the tanker slosh around. If it sloshes too hard, it could cause the tanker to become unstable, which may lead to the trucker losing control of the rig. This can cause a wreck that might injure the trucker and others.

Truckers who have to access the tank face the risk of falling off of the tanker or into the tank. Falling off the tanker can lead to head or spine injuries, as well as broken bones. If they fall into a tank that’s filled, there is a chance they might drown or suffocate. There is also the risk of falling when they’re going up or down the ladder to access the tanker opening.

When they have to clean the tank, there is a chance of asphyxiation. In order to combat this, workers should always know what was in the tank and have clear guidelines for the cleaning process.

The onus for safety is on the employer — not the employee. Truckers and others who work around the tankers should seek out medical care if they have any injuries or reasons to believe they’ve been exposed to hazardous chemicals. Workers’ compensation coverage should cover medical care, and in some cases, lost wages. If appropriate benefits aren’t provided, the employee may opt to pursue an appeal.