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Potential hazards to be aware of while working as a truck driver

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

There’s nothing like the feeling of being behind the wheel of your rig. The view from atop can be a sight to take in for sure. But it’s important to always be aware of the potential dangers you face while traveling the roads as a truck driver:

Inclement weather

Truck drivers travel year-round and in all areas of the country, encountering all types of weather. Whether it’s rain out in Seattle or snow up in Chicago, truckers face many challenging weather conditions. As a trucker, it’s important to know how to adjust to each and every inclement weather situation you might encounter.

All types of terrain

Truck drivers take on every type of terrain imaginable as well. From the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico to the flat plains of Texas and the rolling hills of Virginia. Truckers are constantly having to adjust to steep inclines and various types of roadways. It’s imperative that truckers are able to adjust their speed and travel according to the varying types of terrain they may encounter.


Long days. Even longer drives. The job of a truck driver is a seemingly never-ending one. It is imperative that as a driver you are well-rested and vigilant at all times when you are behind the wheel. If at any time you begin to feel drowsy on the road, please don’t push it. Pull over to the nearest, safe rest stop and call it a night.

Other drivers

While on the road, it is important to be aware of the other moving vehicles around you at all times. Be it motorcyclists, cars or other truckers, it’s imperative as a trucker to know where these vehicles are and to anticipate any lane changes they may do.