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Hazards to be aware of while working as a custodian

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Injuries |

Mopping, sweeping, cleaning. The job of a custodian is never done. Here are a few tips of things to be aware of while working on the job:


From bleach to ammonia, you work with many kinds of chemicals in order to perform your job. Before using any of these chemicals, be aware of their ingredients, their potential hazards and what chemicals you should never mix together. You need to also be protective and aware of not splashing any chemicals in your eyes, face or onto your skin. Wearing gloves, face protection and the correct protective clothing is a must when handling chemicals. 

Slips and falls

When working with soapy buckets and wet floors, you are potentially at risk of slipping and falling. This is something you need to always be conscious of. It is also important to have the proper foot attire on at all times, particularly shoe soles that are non-slip.

Bodily fluids

As a custodian, you have the potential to be exposed to cleaning up blood and other bodily fluids. It is imperative to know the safest and best way to dispose of these types of spills, and also the correct safety equipment and apparel to wear when taking on these clean-up tasks.


Your job as a custodian many require you do to heavy lifting. It is important that when moving any heavy object, you lift the object with your leg strength, not your back. If you feel you have injured yourself in any way on the job—be it from a fall, chemical exposure or lifting heavy objects—it is important to immediately seek medical attention and notify your employer.