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Is filing a work-related injury claim an act against my employer?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers across Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C., metro area routinely suffer job-related injuries, regardless of their occupation.

When that happens, they often cannot continue their work activities. Discontinued employment can understandably cause great stress concerning work stability. Work accidents and injuries can require pricey medical care and, owing to disrupted payments, make it difficult to provide for families and personal needs.

In such instances, many workers hesitate to exercise their job-linked legal rights. They fear that interacting with their employer concerning a work injury could backfire on them, bringing a harsh company response.

We inform our diverse and valued clients at the proven personal injury law firm of Park & Park in Fairfax that such is not the case. We stress on our pro-workers’ website that, “If you are suffering from a work injury, do not hesitate to file a workers’ compensation claim.”

It is important for every injured worker to know that bringing a claim is not a legal action against an employer. In fact, companies expect such a response and have a system in place to process it. We note at Park & Park that workers’ comp “is a benefit that your employer pays for in case something happens to an employee.”

Of course. things do not always go smoothly and as planned for filers. Sometimes a claim that an injury was work related is contested. It is not uncommon for an insurer to delay or even seek to deny benefits.

A knowledgeable workers’ comp legal team can provide diligent representation guarding against such outcomes. Moreover, experienced legal counsel will aggressively pursue maximum legal compensation for a client.

We welcome inquiries to our firm from employees having any questions or concerns regarding a workplace accident or injury.